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Munay Moon-Eye Shirt


Munay is a blue-eyed Peruvian street kitten rescued from Machu Picchu. Her story won the hearts of many--and now she's on a mission to help more kittens.

Pronounced "moon-eye," her full name, Munay Michi, means "pretty cat" in the Incan language, Quechua. The Munay Moon-Eye shirt is a super-soft, fitted unisex shirt printed locally in Washington DC and designed by the talented artist and cat lover Craig Horky.

In addition to funding Kitten Lady's advocacy work, a portion of the proceeds from every sale of the Munay Moon-Eye Shirt will also help support the work of cat rescuers in Peru. While there are extremely limited options for cats in Peru, I'm proud to be partnering with a wonderful woman who runs an organization in Lima called Albergue Temporal Oh My Cats, which provides care, sterilization, and adoption services for the homeless cats of Lima.

Note that this is a unisex shirt. It has a flattering fit and is true to size. If you are looking for a ladies' cut shirt, please consider ordering on the smaller side.